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The Queen's Price: A Captivating Tale of Power and Morality in Dark Fantasy

Today, I’m excited to share my thoughts on “The Queen’s Price” by Anne Bishop. The book is the twelfth installment in the New York Times bestselling Black Jewels series and takes readers on a thrilling journey through a world of power, politics, and magic.

Dark fantasy

Plot Summary

The story is set in SaDiablo Hall, where Zoey, a young Queen-in-training, struggles to find her place in the powerful SaDiablo family. When she befriends a stranger seeking sanctuary at the Hall, she puts herself and others in danger by ignoring Daemonar Yaslana’s warning to back off. Meanwhile, witch Jillian prepares for her Virgin Night, a rite of passage that will confirm her power and Jewels, but she harbors a secret – she has already undergone the ceremony. As she navigates the repercussions of her deception, the High Lord of Hell’s daughter, Saetien, journeys to Scelt to uncover the truth about Jaenelle Angelline’s sister.

Analysis of Dark Fantasy Elements

The Queen’s Price is a well-crafted dark fantasy that is original, well-written, and with well-developed characters and world-building. Bishop’s ability to create a richly detailed world where magic and politics collide in a deadly dance is one of the book’s greatest strengths. From the intricate social hierarchy to the complex magic system, every aspect of the world is carefully crafted and seamlessly integrated into the story.

As a dark fantasy novel, The Queen’s Price incorporates elements of horror, violence, and taboo themes to create a rich and immersive reading experience. Bishop masterfully weaves these elements into the fabric of the story, exploring the morality and power dynamics of her world and creating a rich tapestry of characters who are both compelling and complex. Her use of antiheroes and villains adds depth to the story, as readers grapple with the motivations and actions of each character.


The characters in The Queen’s Price are nuanced and multidimensional, with their own unique motivations and backstories. Bishop’s portrayal of gender and sexuality is refreshing, as she refuses to conform to traditional gender roles and explores the complexities of relationships. Jillian’s struggle with her own secrets and the repercussions of her actions is a particularly compelling storyline.

The bulk of The Queen’s Price follows Saetien, daughter of Daemon and Surreal, as she undergoes training at SaDiablo Hall. While I initially found Saetien unlikeable and deserving of her previous punishment, her journey to Scelt on a heart quest leads her to discover truths about herself and Jaenelle’s sister. Meanwhile, Zoey, considered one of the best young Queens, struggles to regain her confidence after being reprimanded for overstepping her boundaries.

 Despite the manipulation of a group of jealous Queens, Zoey’s loyal friends rally around her as she rises to the challenge of convincing her peers to pay the price required by Jaenelle. Jillian’s Virgin Night and Brenda’s humorous explanations, along with appearances from Surreal, Karla, and Jaenelle (Witch), add to the overall enjoyment of the story. Throughout, the book delves deeper into the history of Jaenelle, the purge, and her remarkable recovery.

PS: I will make an article with fan art and characters descriptions soon make sure to check the Fan Art category.

Writing Style

The book’s underlying message of doing what’s right, especially when it’s hard, is well-crafted and feels authentic, making it an excellent read for fans of coming-of-age stories. Although it is recommended to start the series from the beginning, Bishop provides just enough information to enable readers to understand the world and its characters. The pacing is relatively slow, but the strength of the characters is developed enough to carry it.

The Queen’s Price is an enthralling and must-read addition to the Black Jewels series. With heartwarming moments, dangerous twists, and intense action, this book is impossible to put down. Bishop’s world-building and complex characters, including beloved favorites like Daemon, Lucivar, and Jaenelle, make for a thrilling and immersive experience. Although not without its flaws, the book showcases Bishop’s skill as a writer, with well-developed characters and an expansive magical world. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy and enjoy stories with intricate magic systems and characters, then this book is definitely worth picking up. Overall, i give The Queen’s Price a rating of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫, with high marks for originality, writing quality, character development, and world-building.

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