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The Ultimate List of Must-Read Fantasy Books of 2023 (Part One)

The ultimate list of fantasy books of 2023 is finally here! 6 parts with 60 amazing books to choose from, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to escape reality and immerse yourself in fantastical worlds.

I’m so excited to share this list with you because I know how much joy and inspiration a good fantasy book can bring. As a lifelong fan of the genre, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of these books for months, and I can’t wait to dive into each and every one of them.

As I perused the list, I couldn’t help but feel giddy with excitement. The sheer variety of stories and sub-genres represented on this list is truly breathtaking. There are tales of knights and dragons, witches and wizards, time travel, and alternate dimensions. There are coming of age stories, tales of revenge and redemption, and epic battles between good and evil. There are books that will make you laugh, books that will make you cry, and books that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

And let’s not forget about the incredible diversity represented in these books. From the characters to the authors themselves, the fantasy genre has made huge strides in recent years towards inclusivity and representation. This list is a shining example of that, with books featuring LGBTQ+ characters, disabled characters, characters of color, and more.

I’m also thrilled to see so many new and debut authors on this list. The fantasy genre is constantly evolving, and it’s always exciting to see fresh voices and new perspectives added to the mix. These authors are sure to bring their own unique perspectives and experiences to their stories, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Of course, with so many amazing books to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why I recommend starting with a book that speaks to your heart. Whether it’s a sub-genre you love or a character you can relate to, let your intuition guide you towards the perfect book for you.

And don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, either! One of the greatest things about the fantasy genre is its ability to transport us to new and unfamiliar worlds. So why not try a sub-genre or type of story you haven’t explored before? You might just discover a new favorite author or series.

I also recommend taking your time with these books. Don’t rush through them just to get to the next one on the list. Savor each page, let the story unfold at its own pace, and immerse yourself fully in the world the author has created. You might be surprised at how much more you get out of the book when you take your time with it.

In conclusion, I am beyond thrilled to present this ultimate list of fantasy books for 2023. With 60 incredible books to choose from, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of the genre. Happy reading!


Fantasy Books of 2023 ( Part One)

Fantasy Books of 2023

A Ruinous Fate by Kaylie Smith

let me tell you about this captivating young adult fantasy novel called “Witch’s Dice” by Anya J. Cosgrove! It follows the story of Calliope Rosewood, a witch who’s been dealt a bad hand in life. In her world, witches’ fate is tied to powerful artifacts called Witch’s Dice, which grant them limitless magic but also set them on a dangerous path towards destruction.

Calla has been hiding from her coven for four years with her two best friends, all while keeping a grave secret: she’s only three Rolls away from becoming the last Blood Warrior and starting a war that will wipe out her people and their magic. When her ex leads her closer to fulfilling the prophecy, she has no choice but to journey into the Neverending Forest with him and his mysterious older brother to find the one being who can help her change her fate.

As Calla navigates the enchanted woods, she’s torn between her past desires and new possibilities that could change everything. But she soon discovers that choosing her own destiny may come with severe consequences. With breathtaking world-building, complex characters, and an enthralling plot, “Witch’s Dice” is a must-read for any young adult fantasy fan. Be sure to pick it up, it was released on January 3rd,2023

The stolen Heir by Holly Black

It’s been eight long years since the Battle of the Serpent, and the north is still as icy and treacherous as ever. Lady Nore, ruler of the Court of Teeth, has seized control of the Ice Needle Citadel and is using an ancient relic to create monstrous creatures made of snow and sticks. Her thirst for revenge knows no bounds, and she’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Meanwhile, Suren, the runaway queen of the Court of Teeth, has fled to the human world and now lives in the woods, alone and haunted by the horrors she endured in her former kingdom. She spends her days freeing mortals from their foolish bargains, convinced that she’s been forgotten. But when she’s chased through the night by the terrifying storm hag Bogdana, she’s saved by none other than Prince Oak, the manipulative and charming heir to Elfhame.

Oak is on a dangerous mission to the north, and he needs Suren’s help. But agreeing to accompany him means confronting her past and guarding her heart against a prince she once resented and cannot trust. With Oak by her side, Suren will have to face all the terrors she thought she’d left behind and find the strength to survive the quest that could destroy them both.

Release Date: January 3rd, 2023

Queen Among the Dead by Lesley Livingston

Prepare to be transported to the enchanting kingdom of Eire, where magic lurks in every corner and legends come to life. In this Celtic YA fantasy adventure, we follow Neve, the youngest daughter of the king, and Ronan, a former Druid apprentice turned thief. Despite their differences, they unite against a common enemy: the Druids who hoard magic and keep it from the people.

When Eire faces a power struggle, Neve sees an opportunity to claim her rightful place on the throne with the help of Ronan and a group of outcasts. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey to the outskirts of Eire, where magic still thrives and they must wield spells and swords to secure their future.

Inspired by the legend of the first true queen of Ireland, this stunning adventure is perfect for fans of Shelby Mahurin and Adrienne Young. With Lesley Livingston’s masterful storytelling, readers will be captivated by the richly imagined world of Eire, where banshees and water-wights reign supreme. For those who love Brigid Kemmerer and Tricia Levenseller, this book is a must-read. Get ready to be swept away on a magical journey that will leave you breathless.

Release Date: January 17, 2023

Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame by Meg Long

Remy Castell has been on a mission to find her lost friend for the past two years, ever since a failed mission that changed her life. The only lead she has is Kiran Lore, a fellow genetically engineered corporate agent who left her for dead during that mission. Remy tracks Kiran to Maraas, a jungle planet, with the help of outcast Sena and her wolf companion Iska. But Maraas is now in chaos, with syndicates and scavvers fighting against a megalomaniac corpo director.

When Remy finally finds Kiran, he proposes a deal: help him with the revolution, and he’ll reunite her with her friend. But can Remy trust someone who betrayed her before? With the planet on the brink of war, Remy must decide if she’s willing to team up with a traitor and stage a revolution to save her friend and the planet. Swift the Storm, Fierce the Flame by Meg Long is an action-packed YA sci-fi novel that will enthrall fans of Marie Lu and Amie Kaufman.

Release Date: January 17, 2023

Another Dimension of Us by Mike Albo

In the midst of the AIDS crisis in 1986, Tommy Gaye is secretly in love with his best friend, Renaldo Calabasas, but he knows he can never reveal his true feelings due to the rampant homophobia in America. One night, Renaldo is struck by lightning, and when he emerges from the storm, he’s not the same.

Flash forward to 2044, and Pris Devrees, a student at Heron High, is plagued by strange dreams about a boy named Tommy and a house called The Murder House. Curiosity leads her to the house, where she discovers an old self-help book that reveals the secrets of trans-dimensional travel.

With the help of their friends from different eras, Pris and Tommy embark on a journey through the astral plane to save Renaldo from a dangerous demon. Along the way, they discover profound truths about love, sexuality, and the power of friendship, all while facing the challenges of merging bodies and minds across time and space. This thrilling science fiction adventure combines elements of The Breakfast Club with the mind-bending intrigue of Brit Marling’s The OA.

Release Date: January 17, 2023

Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim

Imani is a seventeen-year-old warrior, raised to defend her desert city, Qalia, against the monsters that threaten it. She possesses an affinity for iron and wields a dagger with unmatched skill, earning her a reputation as the next great Shield. But her brother’s betrayal tarnishes her family’s name, and he disappears after being caught stealing their nation’s coveted spice, a sign of magical obsession.

When Imani uncovers evidence that her brother may still be alive and spreading their nation’s magic, she makes a deal with the Council to find him before he reveals the city’s location. She sets out on a mission with Qayn, a roguish djinni, and Taha, an arrogant but powerful beastseer.

As they journey beyond the Forbidden Wastes, Imani will uncover secrets about her own heart and the world she thought she knew. With danger lurking around every corner, Imani must decide whether to protect her city or find her brother before his betrayals lead to the downfall of Qalia.

This epic fantasy, perfect for fans of Sabaa Tahir, Hafsah Faizal, and Elizabeth Lim, takes readers on a thrilling journey filled with action, magic, and the power of loyalty and love.

Release Date: January 24, 2023

The Severed Thread by Leslie Vedder

In this thrilling sequel to The Bone Spindle, clever and bookish Fi and her partner Shane, who wields an axe, return for an action-packed adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. After awakening the sleeping prince, Fi and Shane must continue to fight for Andar against their enemies, including the Spindle Witch, the Witch Hunters, and Fi’s own Butterfly Curse.

Shane is ready to stand by Fi’s side, but she faces a formidable opponent in Red, the Spindle Witch’s right hand whom she is determined to save. Meanwhile, Briar Rose, desperate to restore his kingdom, is struggling with a sinister bond to the Spindle Witch that he cannot break.

To save Andar, the group must decipher a mysterious book code, locate the hidden city of the last Witches, and uncover a secret lost for centuries that may hold the key to defeating the Spindle Witch. But with danger lurking around every corner, they will need to rely on their ride-or-die friendships and their own strength and courage to survive.

Set in a world of twisted fairy tales, The Severed Thread is a heart-pounding tale that combines lost ruins, friendships, and romance in a way that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Release Date: February 7, 2023

Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb

In the city of Ombrazia, the powerful saints and their disciples reign with unjust authority, leaving the rest to struggle for survival. After her father is murdered by the Ombrazian military, Rossana Lacertosa is determined to dismantle the corrupt system by joining the rebellion and using her powers as a disciple of Patience, even if it means confronting the boy who broke her heart. Damian Venturi, the youngest captain in the history of Palazzo security, is haunted by his time fighting in a never-ending war and fears facing the girl he left behind.

As a murderer preys on the citizens of Ombrazia and the Palazzo turns a blind eye, Damian and Roz must work together to find the killer, even if it means confronting their buried emotions. Their investigation leads them to the dark underbelly of the city where they uncover a sinister force that threatens to destroy everything in its path. With time running out, can they save the city from its impending doom?

Experience the suspenseful and intriguing debut novel with a murder-mystery twist, set in a dark fantasy world reminiscent of Leigh Bardugo and Kerri Maniscalco.

Release date: February 7, 2023

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi

Indigo Maxwell-Casteñada, a beautiful and mysterious woman, marries a man who believes in fairy tales. He is a scholar of myths, and she is an heiress to a fortune. They exchanged gifts and stories and believed they would live happily ever after, but Indigo extracted a promise from her bridegroom: that he would never pry into her past.

However, when Indigo’s estranged aunt is dying, the couple is forced to return to her childhood home, the House of Dreams. Within the crumbling manor’s extravagant rooms and musty halls, there lurks the shadow of another girl: Azure, Indigo’s dearest childhood friend who suddenly disappeared. As the house slowly reveals Indigo’s secrets, her bridegroom will be forced to choose between reality and fantasy, even if doing so threatens to destroy their marriage or their lives.

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride, Roshani Chokshi’s breathtaking adult debut, is a gothic-infused story that combines the lush, haunting atmosphere of Mexican Gothic with the dreamy enchantment of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. This spellbinding and darkly romantic page-turner is about love and lies, secrets and betrayal, and the danger of believing in fairy tales.

Release Date: February 14, 2023

Nocturne by Alyssa Wees

Set in 1930s Chicago, this haunting and lyrical fantasy tells the story of Grace Dragotta, a young girl from Little Sicily with dreams of becoming a ballerina. After her parents pass away, she finds a home in the Near North Ballet Company and works tirelessly to become the company’s new prima ballerina.

But as the Great Depression hits, Grace realizes that achieving her dream isn’t as fulfilling as she imagined. With the loss of her best friend, she feels lost and alone in a world that seems to be falling apart. That is until the enigmatic Master La Rosa becomes her personal patron and introduces her to a world beyond her wildest dreams.

As Grace delves deeper into the secrets of her mysterious patron, she discovers that there is beauty in both light and darkness. She learns that true friendship cannot be broken by time or distance, and that there may be another way to achieve the transcendence she’s always sought. But as she navigates this new world, Grace finds herself torn between her dreams and desires, unsure if the Master La Rosa is truly who he seems to be.

Release Date: February 21, 2023

 I hope this ultimate list of 60 fantasy books coming out in 2023 has piqued your interest and inspired you to delve deeper into the world of fantasy literature. This is just the first part of a six-part series where I will be sharing more exciting book releases and updates, so be sure to stay tuned for the next installment. I can’t wait to see what magical worlds and epic adventures await us in the coming year!

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